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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Benko Gambit g3-12.Re1 Qb6 13.h3[A59]-TWIC 965

More on GM Ramirez at the US Ch 2013
GM Ramirez defended with the popular Benko Gambit in the feature game. Here is more on the young GM.

'As the Armageddon Playoff happens live right now, we bring you another exclusive pre-playoff match interview with the underdog, GM Alejandro Ramirez! FM Mike Klein reporting from St Louis!'

TWIC 965
GM Holt played a thematic and instructive good knight vs bishop game against the popular Benko Gambit.

Holt,C (2513) - Ramirez,Alej (2551)

Benko Gambit g3-12.Re1 Qb6 13.h3[A59]
ch-USA 2013 Saint Louis USA (3), 05.05.2013

Position 1
White has taken a strong good knight vs bishop middlegame going. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

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