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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dutch Leningrad 8.b3 Qa5[A88]-TWIC 974

TWIC 974
The 8.b3 Qa5 line has exploded in popularity. In the feature game, Gelfand lost on time in an equal position.

More on the FIDE GP Beijing
Published on Jul 6, 2013
GM Anish Giri and GM Boris Gelfand analyzing their game. FIDE Grand Prix Beijing 2013, Round 3. 

Gelfand,B (2773) - Giri,A (2734) 
Dutch Leningrad 8.b3 Qa5[A88]
FIDE GP Beijing 
Beijing CHN (3.2), 06.07.2013

Position 1

Black has more space from the pawn center but white leads in development. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


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