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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

GrunfeId Russian System 7..a6[D97]-TWIC 972

TWIC 972-73
The Grunfeld remains a tough nut to crack. Tomashevsky used the Russian System and massaged black's isolated pawn in model fashion in the feature game. 

Tomashevsky,E (2709) - Popov,Iv RUS (2632)
GrunfeId Russian System 7..a6[D97]
66th ch-RUS HL Yekaterinburg RUS (2.3), 21.06.2013

More on the Host City-Yekaterinburg, Russia

Position 1
Black has the inferior structure but does not appear to be in immediate danger. What do you recommend for white?


Position 2
This is the final position. Either the game score is incomplete or black maybe lost on time?


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