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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slav 6.Ne5 Nbd7 7.Nxc4 Nb6 8.Ne5 a5[D17]-TWIC 964

TWIC 964
The Sokolov Variation 8...a5(diagram) remains solid and a tough nut to crack. Various remedies have been proposed among them 9.Bg5 by Schandorff in 1.d4-Playing the Queen's Gambit(Quality Chess 2012).


GM Bu Xiangzhi tried the modest 9.e3 in rd8 of the Chinese Championship and eventually ground out a win. This was to be his only win in the tournament. He finished with a modest 5.5/11.

GM Bu Xiangzhi

1Wang Yue2706*0½0½1½111117.5/11
2Ma Qun25591*½½½0½½½0116.0/11
3Li Chao22686½½*00½½½111½6.0/11
4Zhao Jun25891½1*1½½00½0½5.5/11
5Wei Yi2530½½10*½½½1½½05.5/11
6Bu Xiangzhi266201½½½*½½½½½½5.5/11
7Yu Yangyi2675½½½½½½*0½½½15.5/11
8Hou Yifan26170½½1½½1*00½15.5/11
9Xiu Deshun25340½010½½1*1015.5/11
10Zhou Weiqi2590010½½½½10*½½5.0/11
11Zhou Jianchao26070001½½½½1½*½5.0/11
12Li Shilong255800½½1½000½½*3.5/11

More on Top Level Chess in China-3rd Hainan Danzhou GM 2012
Bu won this tournament on tiebreaks.

'The 3rd Hainan Danzhou Grandmaster Chess Tournament was organized by the Chinese Chess Association from 29th May to 7th June in Danzhou, China. Traditionally, ten top Chinese Grandmasters competed in the round robin event. The average elo of the players was 2631.

Bu Xiangzhi and former Asian champion Ni Hua shared the first place with 6.0 points each, but Bu grabs the winner's trophy on better tie-break. Bu repeated the success from the 1st Hainan Danzhou Super Tournament.-Youtube

Here is the feature game.

Bu Xiangzhi (2662) - Ma Qun (2559)
Slav 6.Ne5 Nbd7 7.Nxc4 Nb6 8.Ne5 a5[D17]
ch-CHN 2013 Xinghua CHN (8.2), 24.04.2013

Position 1
Black is under some pressure and is now tied down to the weak b-pawn. What do you recommend for black?

Black to Play

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