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Friday, May 10, 2013

Dutch Leningrad 8.Re1 Qf7[A87]-TWIC 961

The Leningrad Dutch Introduction

TWIC 961
The Leningrad Dutch Main Line 7...Qe8(diagram)


There are many ways to play against the main line.

GM Ernst won a sharp game in rd13 of Bundesliga play using 8.Re1 in gambit style. Black defended well but late in the game began making small inaccuracies.

Here is the feature game.

Ernst,S (2554) - Kopylov,M (2473)
Dutch Leningrad 8.Re1 Qf7[A87]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Schwetzingen GER (13), 05.04.2013

Position 1
Black is on the counterattack after 28...Bf3. How should white respond?

White to Play

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