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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grunfeld Exchange 8.Rb1-12..Bg4[D85]-TWIC 966

More on GM Areshchenko,A
(Russian Language)

TWIC 967
The 8.Rb1 line is still popular. GM Shengelia won an interesting game with a QR-QR configuration with some subtle play.

Shengelia,D (2546) - Areshchenko,A (2709)

Grunfeld Exchange 8.Rb1-12..Bg4[D85]
14th Euro Indiv 2013 Legnica POL (5.2), 09.05.2013

Position 1

White has the more dangerous pawns but the Rf1 is passive. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play

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