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Monday, March 18, 2013

Queen's Indian Hybrid 7...Ne4(E13)

This game shows the advance of theory since IM Greet's Play the Queen's Indian(Everyman 2009).

Play the Quuen's Indian(Everyman 2009)

I defended the Queen's Indian Hybrid in my last tournament with nothing but the most superficial knowledge but now the time has come for a serious upgrade.

Key Position
Here Greet gives 14...Qf6 and notes that 14...0-0 is 'playable looking'.


Here is the feature game where British GM Michael Adams plays 14...0-0 and the move has now become part of main Queen's Indian theory.

Lenderman,A (2548) - Adams,Mi (2726) 
Queen’s Indian Hybrid 7..Ne4[E13] 

39th World Open Philadelphia USA (3), 01.07.2011

Position 1
White has been left with a mass of shaky looking pawns. What do you recommend for black now?

Black to Play


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