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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bogo-Indian 4…Qe7-TWIC 957

TWIC 957
A tense position arose from the 4.Bd2 Qe7 Bogo-Indian. Black  has just challenged the d5 pawn with 17..c6(diagram).


GM Eljanov increased the pressure on the c-pawn with 18.Nd3 and won a sharp game in a recent game from the TCh-ISL 2012–13.

GM Pavel Eljanov
Photo Chessbase

Here is the feature game.

Eljanov,P (2697) - Jones,G (2653) 
Bogo-Indian 4…Qe7[E11]
TCh-ISL 2012–13 Reykjavik ISL (5.1), 01.03.2013

Position 1

The position is sharp but white is clearly in charge. What do you recommend for white?
  • 25.Rfc1(The rooks guard each other and Bxa8 is threatened)
  • 25.Rb1(Looks odd but Bxa8 is threatened)
  • Something else
White to Play


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