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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Closed Catalan …Na6(E08)-TWIC 758

TWIC 958
The ...Na6 Side Development in the Closed Catalan/Queen's Indian
This knight to the side method of development is a trademark of GM Tiviakov. The idea is to support ...c5 but without blocking the central files as ...Nbd7 would.

GM Sergei Tiviakov

GM Tiviakov played a nice game with the following middlegame themes in rd12 Bundesliga action.

  • Slight lead in development
  • Play against a misplaced piece
  • Conversion of an extra P
  • Opposite color bishops

Here is the feature game.

Kopylov,M (2473) - Tiviakov,S (2659) 
Closed Catalan …Na6[E08]
Bundesliga 2012–13 Hamburg GER (12), 17.03.2013

Position 1
Black has converted a slight lead in development into an extra doubled pawn and now needs to find an important idea to exploit the advantage. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


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