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Monday, March 11, 2013

Albin Counter-Gambit 5.a3-TWIC 944

TWIC 944
Schandorff proposes 5.a3 against the Albin Counter-Gambit and this line continues to be popular and successful. White won with a thematic attack in the feature game played in the 
33rd Crespi Memorial(ITA).

Schandorff's key repertoire book

33rd Crespi Memorial Milan ITA Crespi 2012-foto-partite
'The Master group of the international chess festival "Memorial Edoardo Crespi" organized by the SocietĂ   Scacchistica Milanese to celebrate its founder in 1881, ended with a surprise, the "anti doping control" that involved the first rwo classified (GMs Yuri Solodovnichenko and Sabino Brunello).

Winner of the tournament was GM Solodovnichenko, who finished undefeated, thanks to the best tie-break on Italian GM Sabino Brunello. Both obtained 7 points out of 9.

Third place for GM Nikita Maiorov (Blr)  thanks to the best tie-break on IM Colovic (Mkd).

We have to mention the very good result of Luca Moroni, only 12 years old, at his first norm for the title of national Master (but also very closed to the IM norm!).
The minor tournaments go on, for ending tomorrow with the last two rounds.'

Mirzoev,A (2553) - Bentivegna,F (2335) 
Albin Counter-Gambit 5.a3 Bg4[D08] 

33rd Crespi Memorial Milan ITA (6.5), 06.12.2012

Position 1
Black is hoping to distract white from the attack with 16...Be2. What do you suggest for white as the most effective way to end the game?

White to Play


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